Web Services Testing Tools

SOAP and XML WSDL Testing

Essentials of Web Services Testing

Make Web Services Testing Tools - such as SOAPSonar - an integral part of your development life-cycle to ensure application robustness and interoperability without writing custom testing code.


Almost all software components expose their interface through Web Services for SOAP & XML messaging.  In the era of modern, web services-based SOA, distributed software components are readily integrated and dependent.  This distributed and flexible nature of software components makes web services testing challenging.  SOAPSonar is the only product that provides comprehensive Web Services Testing across complex, dependent and distributed deployments. Using innovative WSDL-Mutation and WSI-Mutation technology, SOAPSonar actively and aggressively tests Web Services and provides easy to read functional, performance, interoperability and vulnerability reports. 

As you and your team builds robust, secure, interoperable Web Services-enable components, the quality and repeatability of your IT assets improves dramatically lowering your cost of maintenance and future development.

web services testing tool SOAPSonar for XML SOAP WSDL testing


Loading a Web Services Definition is easy. You can point to the WSDL file URL or drag & drop the WSDL file from your desktop. SOAPSonar immediately parses the WSDL file and generates and easy to navigate operation list. You have a rich web services testing client that can send SOAP/XML Request Messages to your target Web Services and capture SOAP/XML responses. No coding required.

Web Services Testing Tool SOAPSonar for SOAP XML and WSDL testing

You can load as many WSDLs in the web services testing tool as you wish and mix-&-match tests across different WSDL operations. All test projects can be saved to your Desktop. SOAPSonar also provides operation chaining so that you can take outputs for an operation and use them as inputs to another operation.

Functional & Regression Testing

SOAPSonar� enables you to quickly test your Web Services and setup desired regression Test cases. By dragging desired tests to the Test Case Management panel, you can setup Test Cases that can be saved and run to test for the functional quality of your Web Services. 

Web Services Testing tool for functional regression testing

SOAPSonar provides rich Security testing with integrated PKI and comprehensive support for Web Services Security & Identity including:

  • WSS-UserName Token
  • WSS-X509 Token
  • WSS-Kerberos Token
  • WSS-Encryption
  • WSS-Signatures
  • SAML Assertions
  • SOAP with Attachments MIME & DIME 

The results of the functional & regression tests are aggregated in PDF, XML and CSV reports.


SOAPSonar enables you to test the scalability and robustness of your Web Services. Test runs can be set for any WSDL operation by enabling Performance Mode in SOAPSonar. All previously authored regression tests can be used for performance and scalability testing. You can run test for a specified duration to ensure that your Web Services are robust. You can also run the test for a specified number of iterations to measure Web Services performance and scalability. Up to 100 concurrent virtual clients can be setup to measure scalability. SOAPSonar provides additional test agents to scale beyond 100 concurrent clients. Each SOAPSonar agent provides 100 additional virtual clients. There is no limit to the number of agents that can be managed by SOAPSonar. 

All security and identity functionality is also available for testing your Web Services using SOAPSonar in Performance-Mode.


During the loading process, SOAPSonar runs a set of comprehensive WSI Basic Profile 1.1 tests and reports interoperability issues with the loaded WSDL. Parts of the WSDL that failed the WSI Basic Profile 1.1 test are highlighted with details of the failed assertions and recommended remediation. Adhering to WSI Basic Profile 1.1 ensures that your components are interoperable and that your WSDL can be consumed by any .NET or Java client. 

Design time WSDL interoperability testing is not enough. SOAPSonar� extends interoperability compliance testing by auto-generating a suite of tests for your WSDL. The test suites are created for your WSDL through patent-pending WSI Profile Mutation technology. The test ensure that your Web Services behave in an interoperable manner by actively sending Mutant request to you Web Services and determining whether the Web Service responds per WSI Profile specification. 

Comprehensive design-time WSDL WSI Profile testing combined with active run-time Web Service interoperability behavior testing ensures that your Web Services are indeed interoperable. SOAPSonar provides detailed reports highlighting problem areas and recommended remediation.

Vulnerability Assessment

With SOAPSonar Vulnerability assessment, Crosscheck Network has pioneered the area of active Web Services Vulnerability Assessment. Using patent-pending XSD-Mutation technology, SOAPSonar creates a comprehensive test suite of Mutant requests based on your WSDL. Using Automated Attack Functions (AAF), SOAPSonar attacks your Web Services, captures the responses, and then uses Automated Vulnerability Detection (AVD) to detect vulnerabilities in your Web Services.

Web Services Testing Tool SOAPSonar for Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

SOAPSonar generates a comprehensive vulnerability report for your Web Services and highlights areas of exposure, severity levels, vulnerability diagnosis and remediation techniques. Web Services Vulnerability Assessment is a crucial pre-production and post-production setup that every .NET and Java developer and security professional must take to ensure risk mitigation within their Service Oriented Architecture.


Web Services are the foundations of modern distributed applications. The ease and flexibility of integrating disparate components has made rapid application development possible across platforms, languages, operating systems and devices. This flexibility makes it critical for developers and security professionals to thoroughly test and certify their Web Services before publishing them to consumers. Crosscheck Networks has built SOAPSonar to provide you comprehensive, code-free testing that is extremely easy to set up and run. You will be generating Functional, Performance, Interoperability and Vulnerability Report in minutes.