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SOAPSonar Personal Edition (Free)

Features of SOAPSonar Personal Edition

SOAPSonar Personal edition is available for free. SOAPSonar is easy to deploy and requires no knowledge of WSDL, SOAP, XML, or REST to be effective at configuration and testing. Services can be tested within minutes.

Below are the details of the primary features of Personal Edition.


Graphical SOAP
Point and click SOAP message generation with direct XML editing. Interactive request/response direct service transaction testing. Quick validation of service behavior..


WSDL Schema Parsing
Comprehensive WSDL and Schema parsing with automatic and graphical SOAP message generation.


Test Diagnostics
Parse test log results to validate service behavior. Reports include export formats in XML, DOC, XLS, PDF, RTF, and RPT format.


SOAP with Attachments
MIME, DIME, and MTOM attachment support with available large-file steaming module for testing files up to 2GB in size.




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"SOAPSonar works remarkably well for complex Web Services testing. There's nothing as comprehensive out there."

-Dr. Jim Butler, Chairman Boston Technology Council


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