Functional, Automation, Performance, Compliance, and Security Testing


Global Leader in Service and API Testing.  HTML, XML, SOAP, REST, and JSON.  Test over HTTP/s FTP/s, SFTP, IBM MQ, Tibco EMS, Weblogic JMS.

Functional, Automation, Performance, Compliance, and Security Testing. Comprehensive out-of-the box standards support for OASIS and W3C standards.

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Global Leader in Service Testing and Client Simulation

Leading innovation and testing features
  • Simulate and Test HTML, XML, SOAP, REST, JSON or other built-in messaging standards
  • SSL/TLS Termination and Initiation with native PKI management
  • Functional, Automation, Performance, Compliance, and Security Testing modes.
  • Simple, intuitive GUI. Deploys in under 10 minutes.

Comprehensive Data Formats and Messaging Standards

Protocol Adapters and Message Generation
  • Protocol support includes HTTP(s), FTP(s), sFTP, IBM MQ, Tibco EMS, Oracle JMS, Active MQ, Native JMS
  • Message support includes HTML, REST, JSON, XML, SOAP, SOAP with Attachments, EDI, X12, and much more
  • Capture and Replay via reverse-proxy capture or forward-proxy capture
  • XSD schema inference from DLL or XML. XML generation from XSD schema.

Functional, Automation, Performance, and Security

Pillars of Service Testing
  • Functional testing with success criteria validation rules
  • Automation features including data-driven testing, and baseline regression
  • Performance testing with concurrency, load modeling, unique wire-signatures, and transaction tracing
  • Security and vulnerability testing with patented dynamic XSD-mutation

Industry Acclaimed Product Support

Sustained Innovation and Core Focus
  • Continuous sustained engineering to keep pace with rapidly changing standards and technologies
  • Experienced support staff with average of 6 years product and industry knowledge
  • Feedback and prioritized feature release schedules to meet business demands
  • Direct one-on-one web sessions and interactive training

Certified, Industry-Proven, Patented Technology