Comprehensive Product Solutions for Service Emulation, Testing, and Transactional Security

Simulation and Testing

Testing and Simulation for Clients, Services, and ESBs

Industry leading SOA tools to optimize the project lifecycle and ensure reliable, resilient clients and services. Testing and simulation tools install in minutes, are simple to use, and easy to adopt.



Functional, Performance, Compliance, and Security Testing for SOAP, XML, and REST.

SOAPSonar provides simple, intuitive, and comprehensive testing for SOAP, XML, and REST based services. With deployments in over 42 countries worldwide, SOAPSonar is the premier service testing solution in the industry. The SOAPSonar testing framework is easy to deploy, installs in under 10 minutes, and provides the most comprehensive solution set for service testing across functional, performance, compliance and security testing.





Service and Infrastructure virtualization to create simulated endpoints

provides a graphical rules interface to replicate service messaging behavior. Virtual simulations can then be run as a network endpoint on traditional infrastructure, or in the cloud. This enables modeling cloud migration strategies, modeling performance and response time characteristics, and enabling clients and trading partners to integrate against the simulated instance rather than expose the actual service.

Emulations can be run in virtual or physical containers. Centralized policy monitoring and control of deployed servers is perform from the main console.



Patented XML Gateway for HTML, XML, REST, and JSON

Patented, FIPS 140-2 Hardware and Software XML, SOA, Mobile, FTP, and Identity Gateway




Industry proven, patented technology with over 10 years of customer deployments, more than any other XML gateway provider. We know what it takes to make SOA deployments secure, optimized, and easy to manage.

Processing over 1 billion transactions per day worldwide, Forum Sentry XML Gateway is the industry standard for security and SOA Governance for XML, SOAP, and REST services.

Patented ASIC crypto acceleration for enterprise scalability, FIPS 140-2 and DoD certified security platform. XML Threat mitigation, Identity Enforcement.




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