Patented Technology for Service and API based SOA

Crosscheck Networks is a global leader in API Testing of SOA, Mobile, and REST technologies with product deployments in over 50,000 environments worldwide. The industry's only combined technology offering that includes: Testing automation, performance, compliance and security testing with patented dynamic mutation technology. Service virtualization with environment behavior modeling, traffic simulation responses, latency and performance profiling. FIPS 140-2 Security Gateways available as both hardware and software for Service API security, identity, governance, and mediation.

Crosscheck Networks has achieved a 99% customer satisfaction rating for over 9 years. Experience the Crosscheck Networks product difference.



Global Leader in Service Testing. Client simulation of XML, SOAP, REST, and JSON.

Functional, Performance, Compliance, and Security Testing


Service and API Emulation. Virtualize services with simple point and click rules.

Service API Emulation and Virtualization


Forum Sentry
Patented XML Gateway for HTML, XML, REST, JSON. FIPS 140-2 secured.

XML, SOA, Mobile, API, and Identity Gateway

Industry Proven Products

Award Winning, Globally Deployed

At Crosscheck Networks, we focus on the core technologies that comprise service API message flows (such as HTML, XML, SOAP, REST, JSON over HTTP, FTP, SMTP, JMS). Over 10 years of sustained engineering, the Crosscheck Networks line of products is globally recognized as best of breed. Our commercial products are designed to optimize lifecycles, reduce complexity, provide security, and leverage over 100 industry standards with out-of-the box technology capabilities for service emulation (client testing), client emulation (service testing), and transactional in-line security.

The Crosscheck Difference

Sustained Engineering and Dedicated Team

Our service emulation product allows you to profile and emulate service API behavior such that clients can invoke the emulations as if they are invoking the actual service.

Our service testing product provides functional, performance, compliance, and security testing across REST, SOAP, XML, and JSON-based services.

Our wholly owned subsidiary, Forum Systems, provides patented XML Gateway technology with industry leading FIPS 140-2 Security, Identity, Governance and Mediation.

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