Test and Simulate APIs for SOAP, XML, REST, JSON

Crosscheck Networks is the global leader in API Testing and API Simulation with over 75,000 customer deployments worldwide. Crosscheck products allow you to test your APIs across different protocols and message formats with functional automation, performance, and security testing capabilities. API service virtualization enables API simulations to modeling virtual emulation of endpoints for simulated API responses, latency, performance profiling, easy integration on-boarding and more.

Crosscheck Networks has maintained a 99% customer satisfaction rating for over 10 years and provides the most advanced API testing and simulation products available.



API Testing for SOAP, XML, REST, and JSON APIs.

Enables simulation of client behaviors such as mobile apps, browsers, B2B systems, applications, and services

Functional, Performance, Compliance, and Security Testing for API Clients


API Emulation for SOAP, XML, REST, and JSON APIs.

Enables simulation of endpoint services by modeling and emulating behavior of APIs as virtual endpoints.

Functional, Performance, Compliance, and Security Testing for API Services

Welcome to the API Economy

The evolving landscape of APIs and their impact on innovation has been the most dramatic shift in the modern computing era. From cloud computing to mobility and the Internet of Things, APIs represent the future of modular and agile architectures. API testing and simulation is an essential part of enterprise strategy for exposing and consuming APIs across the various types of applications, services, and computing environments.

Adopting hybrid-computing approaches to cloud solutions, mobile solutions, and on-premise solutions require integration efforts and the assurance that APIs are simple, sensible, and secure. As APIs have forged a better path for innovation, Crosscheck Networks has forged a better path for API testing and simulations.

Adopting an API Strategy

SOAPSonar and CloudPort products are used in over 41 countries. The products are a result of over 10 years of R&D and continuous innovation to keep up with emerging industry trends and customer needs. Our customers continually contribute feedback to help forge our engineering roadmap and ensure our products adopt to industry trends and business needs.

It is time to stop using open source tools for your API testing, and start using products purpose-built to enhance your ability to modernize to the API world. SOAPSonar API Tester and CloudPort API Simulator provide point-and-click API testing and API simulation to simplify the complexities of APIs and maximize your ability adopt an API strategy.